Green Infrastructure

Green Infrastructure

Green Infrastructure (GI) is a strategically planned and delivered network of high quality green spaces and other environmental features. The approach should be designed and managed as a multifunctional resource capable of delivering a wide range of environmental and quality of life benefits for local communities linking with ecosystem services.

Green Infrastructure includes a wide range of potential resources. Those more traditional include parks, playing fields and other public open spaces. Contemporary and innovative multifunctional resources include urban greenspace acting as sustainable urban drainage (SuDs), nature conservation value, recreation space, reduction in the urban heat island effect and the associated ecosystem services such as pollination, air purification and flood alleviation.

GI can provide many social, economic and environmental benefits close to where people live and work including places for outdoor relaxation and play, space and habitat for wildlife with access to nature for people, climate change adaptation and mitigation, environmental education, local food production and improved health and well-being.

Lepus has extensive experience in the development of GI Strategies with examples including:

• Birmingham City Council GI Strategy

• Stratford-on-Avon District GI Study

• Partnership for Urban South Hampshire (PUSH) GI Strategy

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