Ecological Services

Ecological Services

We believe ecology is important as a staple part of sustainable development. With a strong British legislative pedigree, the practice of ecological consultancy has become mainstreamed and widely recognised amongst architects, planners, developers, lawyers and the public. The 1981 Wildlife and Countryside Act and 1992 Habitats Directive are two cornerstones for protection and conservation of species and their habitats in the UK.

As professional ecologists, we deliver constructive advice for land planning solutions. We play a key role amongst the statutory conservation bodies, the local planning ecologist, stakeholders and the client team.

We are always ready to answer your enquiries, provide cost-effective solutions and present clear, honest advice for your planning ideas and aspirations.

Ecology is strongly affected by timetable considerations since some species can only be recorded in a meaningful way at certain times of the year. So if you have any questions about protected species or wildlife habitats, call us today.

There are a number of protected species in the UK, great crested newts, reptiles, otters, dormice, various breeding bird species, water voles, badgers, white clawed crayfish and bats.

Sample Projects

Phase 1 Habitat Survey, Blendworth

Bats at Bicester

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