Landscape Character Assessment

Landscape Character Assessment

One of the core principles of the National Planning Policy Framework is that planning should recognise the intrinsic character and beauty of the countryside. Local plans should include strategic policies for the conservation and enhancement of the natural environment, including landscape. This includes designated landscapes but also the wider countryside.

Where appropriate, Landscape Character Assessments (LCA) should be prepared to complement Natural England’s National Character Area profiles. Lepus has prepared character assessments capturing upland and lowland settings in the UK.

Landscape Character Assessment is a tool to help understand the character and local distinctiveness of the landscape and identify the features that give it a sense of place. It can help to inform, plan and manage change and may be undertaken at a scale appropriate to local and neighbourhood plan-making.

LCA is used to protect landscapes, help manage change and raise awareness about our sense of place. Local Planning Authorities are encouraged to maintain and keep their character assessments up to date. The LCA can inform planning decisions and guide development.

Lepus can deliver and prepare LCAs at a range of scales to support sustainable development and strategic planning including Neighbourhood Plans and edge of settlement analysis.

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